Menopause Specialist

Karen S. Kornreich, M.D.

Gynecologist located in Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Karen S. Kornreich, located in Beverly Hills, California is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist and certified menopause clinician specialist who offers individualized treatment plans, utilizing a wide variety of options. These include: herbal, nutritional and exercise recommendations, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, local vaginal estrogen or non-estrogen therapy and the FDA-approved MonaLisa Touch® vaginal CO2 laser.

Menopause Q & A

What is menopause?

Menopause is defined as 12 consecutive months without a menstrual period marking the end of a woman’s reproductive life. In the months and years leading up to this transition, which occurs on average between ages 48-55, women can experience fluctuations in estrogen and other hormones. Some women only have irregular menstrual periods that eventually stop upon reaching menopause however the majority of others suffer multiple symptoms, which can range considerably in both intensity and frequency.

What are the most common symptoms of menopause?

While all women experience menopause differently, some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Hot flashes
  • Mood swings
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Urinary symptoms
  • Diminished libido
  • Joint pain
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Night sweats
  • Memory loss
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss

How can Dr. Kornreich help me with the challenges of menopause?

There are many ways to treat symptoms, maintain optimal health and enjoy an excellent quality of life. As a gynecologist and certified menopause clinician specialist, Dr. Kornreich is versed in a wide array of solutions and preventive health measures to ease this natural life transition. She begins by taking a complete medical history, discussing your symptoms and lifestyle in detail, conducting a physical examination, and performing any necessary tests that may include various laboratory and hormonal studies, a bone density evaluation, a mammogram, a pelvic ultrasound and/or a colonoscopy if indicated. Armed with this information, Dr. Kornreich will discuss your treatment options and design a plan just for you. Depending on your specific symptoms and lifestyle, options may include:

  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • Herbal supplements
  • Nutrition and exercise recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations

For vaginal atrophy symptoms related to menopause, such as pain during intercourse, vaginal dryness, vaginal burning and/or itching, frequent urinary tract infections or other urinary symptoms, Dr. Kornreich may recommend:

  • Local vaginal estrogen or non-estrogen therapy
  • MonaLisa Touch vaginal CO2 laser treatment
  • Vaginal lubricants
  • Vaginal dilators
  • Vaginal moisturizers